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01st Mar 2017

Olympic boxing nutritionist reveals the easy way you can fuel your workouts

Alan Loughnane


Some tips for your workouts…

While hitting the gym is important to getting into the shape you desire, the book doesn’t stop at how much you can lift on the bench.

An equally important aspect of getting in shape and working out is the correct nutrition to ensure that you get the maximum from every weights and cardio session you do.

Good nutrition is part of a good workout. It ensures that your muscles are effectively fueled during your workouts and than your body can recover between your workouts.

Dr Sharon Madigan, performance nutritionist for the Irish Olympic boxing team, told What Are You Eating? presenter Philip Boucher-Hayes that protein bars are useful for a “subset of athletes”, and can be helpful for workouts.

But she revealed other ways that you can successfully get protein into your body to aid muscle growth and recovery and it involves eating more eggs.

“You can buy twelve eggs probably for less than one of these bars,” Dr Madigan said. “Three eggs will give you 18 grams of protein. For most of us 18-20 grams of protein is enough. For some of the athletes that require 4- and 5,000 calories a day, they are particularly useful… I think we are even talking about a certain subset of athletes as well”.


If you want to get rid of that belly fat, George Lockhart, a diet guru who has worked with the likes of Conor McGregor has this advice.

 “There are often increased amounts of cortisol [a stress hormone] found in certain individuals,” Lockhart said. “It has been shown to increase the amount of belly fat in some people. If this is something you can address, then that is one solution.

“Some things that increase that inflammation [of cortisol] are things that we eat. One if those things is Omega 6. Your body needs this and it is an essential fatty acid, meaning my body can’t produce it on its own. I have to produce it, meaning I have to intake it through food or supplementation.

“The average person gets about a 15:1 amount of Omega 6 to Omega 3. You need to get that at 2:1….

“To get rid of that inflammation, you have to take in an equal amount of Omega 3. You’ve got to clean that system out.”

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