Video: Try this total body CrossFit workout for your next gym session 9 years ago

Video: Try this total body CrossFit workout for your next gym session

This week JOE brings you the perfect CrossFit workout for you and a mate at the gym


If you're not too familiar with CrossFit, it's a new way of exercising that's taking the fitness world by storm, and with a strong and supportive community to help you along and motivate you to give it your all, it's easy to see why. So together with our mates at a Roche-Posay and CrossFit Navitas, JOE brings you the perfect workout to dip your toe into the waters of CrossFit.

CrossFit Nav

Robert from CrossFit Navitas runs us through today's plan, which features sets of 20 reps on three different exercises: box jumps, wall balls and kettle bell swings. You and a mate will each do one set of each exercise before moving on to the next one, meaning that you each get a bit of rest between sets and can give it your all on every part of the workout.

As usual, form will always be key. When it comes to box jumps you want to make sure that you get both your feet planted on the box and that you get a box that's not too high or too low for you to get through the number of reps. It's also important to control your movement down off the box too, so that you're able to spring back into action again when you land.


With wall ball throws, you will need a medicine ball that's a comfortable weight, and a space to aim at on the wall above you. From a squat position, you should drive up and generate the force to throw the ball up to your target. Perhaps even more important is the motion on the way back down, where you should endeavour to catch the ball and begin a squat motion downwards, and when you reach the bottom of your range of movement, drive back up again, keeping your heels on the ground and your back straight.

With kettle bell swings, you want to make sure that you're targeting your core and not your arms or back, so that involves getting a good starting position with your feet about shoulder-width apart, your back straight (with its natural curve at the spine) and drive through your hips to generate the power.

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