WATCH: A must-watch documentary for gaming fans finally has an Irish release date 4 months ago

WATCH: A must-watch documentary for gaming fans finally has an Irish release date

A well-deserved celebration for one of the very best video games ever made.

There are a handful games in history that, once released to the adoring public, completely changed the medium of gaming going forward forever


From Pong to Mario, all the way up to Halo and Minecraft, there are certain releases that impacted games in a way that still reverberate to this very day.

Without a shadow of a doubt, GoldenEye is absolutely one of those games.

Released in late August 1997, a full two years after the movie it was based on had come and gone (it actually arrived just a few weeks ahead of Tomorrow Never Dies arriving in cinemas), it was an immediate hit for critics and gamers.

Four-player! The facility level! Licence to Kill mode! Nobody pick Oddjob because that is cheating!


And to this day, it is considered to be one of the very best games of all time...


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And so we get to GoldenEra.


Celebrating that 25th anniversary, the feature-length documentary will dive into the 30 months of production on the game. Endless hours, missed deadlines, and last minute additions that would prove to be saving graces for the entire genre.

The documentary focuses on the group of university graduates and who developed the game from a farmhouse in Warwickshire, pretty much all of whom had never worked on making a video game before.

Interviewing the creators, industry professionals and gaming journalists, the documentary will be a much-deserved celebration of an iconic, landmark game.

GoldenEra will be available to watch on Sky Documentaries at 9pm on Saturday, 24 September, and will also be available to watch with a NOW Entertainment Membership.


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