All PS4 and PS5 owners have an awesome free gift waiting for them 4 months ago

All PS4 and PS5 owners have an awesome free gift waiting for them

Although you better act fast, because it will only be available for the next few days.

We never get anything for free anymore, so when there is something free - something GREAT and free - then we need to call attention to it.


All PS5 and PS4 owners have multiple free months of Apple TV+ waiting for them on their consoles, with slightly different variations on the free gift depending on the console.

If you have a PS5, then you can get six free months of Apple TV+, which can be applied to all new and existing customers of the streaming service in Ireland.

If you have a PS4, then you can get three free months of the streaming service, but it is only available to new customers to Apple TV+.

Regardless of which console you have, the free gift is only available until Monday, 31 July, at which point it will revert to the free days free trial, and the usual cost of €6.99 per month.


Considering some of our favourite shows of 2022 (full list here) and some of our favourite shows of 2023 so far (full list here) are on Apple TV+, we really can't recommend this enough.

To avail of the free months, simply download the Apple TV+ app on to your PS5 or PS4, sign in with your Apple logins, and you're free and clear to enjoy Severance, Black Bird, The Afterparty and loads more of the service's incredible exclusive movies and shows.

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