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18th Jan 2024

There’s a secret PS5 feature you can use that hardly anyone knows about

Charlie Herbert


There are a couple of ways you can access the secret feature.

There is a little-known hack you can use to access a secret PlayStation 5 feature.

It’s one of the greatest consoles ever made and there was a long time when getting your hands on a PS5 was near impossible.

Three years on from its release, the consoles remain in high demand, and there are still plenty of features that gamers are discovering.

Secret PS5 feature you can use that hardly anyone knows about

One little-known feature the PS5 has is a hidden web browser, and it’s not surprising that not many gamers are aware of it as it’s pretty difficult to find without being pointed in the right direction.

Perhaps one of the only things the PS5 is lacking is the ability to browse the internet.

But it turns out there is a hidden web browser on the console and you can access it using this workaround.

The reason it’s probably not clearly signposted is that it’s not a fully developed piece of software intended for regular use, the Sun reports.

Can I browse the internet on the PS5?

To access the secret browser, you need to send a web address in a message to a PS5 friend. Then, click the link yourself to open the secret browser.

However, because it’s not fully developed, it is a bit buggy. Whilst it should be fine for loading web pages, it does struggle with images, videos and audio.

There is another way to access the secret browser as well, but you will need a Twitter/X account to use this one.

According to Tom’s Guide, you can surf the web on your PS5 by linking your Twitter account to the console. When you log on, you’ll be taken to the social media platform’s home screen, and from here you can access external sites.

And there you go. So, if you ever find yourself needing a web browser and don’t have any other options, you can, in fact, use your PS5.

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