A really cool new addition is coming to FIFA 21 career mode 1 year ago

A really cool new addition is coming to FIFA 21 career mode

Major news for all the Jürgen Klopps in the making out there.

In recent years, Ultimate Team has really taken over as the main feature that FIFA players use.


And to be honest, you could make the case that other modes have been neglected by EA, while FUT has become the key feature of the games every year.

But despite this, there are still plenty of gamers who buy FIFA every year just so they can take Reading to the Champions League final in the evergreen career mode.

And though they may feel like there hasn't been many significant changes made to the mode over the years, FIFA 21's career mode will have something that none in the past have had.

Managers have always had the ability to simulate games, meaning if you just wanted to focus on the managerial side of things, you could do so.


But sadly, once you sim'd a game, you never really felt as though you had any control on what actually happened.

The team you picked would perform sporadically, and even if you picked your strongest side, it was always a risky move to sim the game.

Well, consider that risk gone, thanks to the Interactive Match Sim.

While you can still sim the game, you will be given the opportunity to hop into the actual game at specific moments. So if you're a goal down and you feel that you yourself can have an immediate impact, you can do just that.


Also, for the very first time, you can make substitutions and other tactical decisions based on additional match data during the game.

fifa 21 career mode

There will also be a new growth system, which will see major changes made to the training system, and will even allow you to coach your players into new positions.

Great news for those old school lads who always reckoned Messi would have made the perfect left full, or that Van Dijk would bag 30 goals a season up top.


Finally, there will be a new match sharpness tool, which will mean that your players will need to be rested going into the game, but also having played recently enough to still be match sharp.

Realistic, right?

This could be FIFA's best attempt at bridging the gap between Football Manager's in-depth, realistic approach at being the real-life gaffer of a football club, while also enabling you to actually play the games.

FIFA 21 will be released on 6 October.