The huge rumour about the follow-up to the Arkham Trilogy has been put to rest 4 years ago

The huge rumour about the follow-up to the Arkham Trilogy has been put to rest

They are working on their follow-up to the hugely popular Batman games.

Rocksteady Games have been pretty quiet since they released Arkham Knight in the summer of 2015, and ever since there have been some heavy rumours about what they'd be working on next.


First up was that they were going to be making a huge new Harry Potter video game, although the rumour was quickly squashed.

Since then, there were strong beliefs that they'd moved over to Batman's former sparring partner, and would soon be delivering a new Superman game, which has been reported (via for a while now.

With the Game Awards set to take place this week (the six finalists for Game Of The Year can be found here), most people were expecting Rocksteady to debut the first teaser trailer for the new game... until the director of the company tweeted this...


So... not Superman.

Although now the rumour has expanded to it actually being an entire Justice League game, which would be... quite the undertaking.

One of the big connections is that all of these properties - Batman, Superman, Justice League, Harry Potter - are Warner Brothers properties, so it could be that they're doing something else within the WB umbrella.


Which could mean anything from Mad Max, to Godzilla and/or King Kong, to Pacific Rim... the list goes on.

We won't know for a while yet anyways, but one thing we do know is that the Game Awards will be giving us our first look at a brand new Alien game.