Daniel Radcliffe shows off incredible transformation after getting stacked for TV role 3 weeks ago

Daniel Radcliffe shows off incredible transformation after getting stacked for TV role

Harry got hench.

Daniel Radcliffe might have finally outgrown the title of boy wizard, with pictures emerging showing him ripped to shreds.


The actor, best known for his role as Harry Potter, has clearly been hitting the weights, and he’s undergone a pretty magical transformation.

The 34-year-old starred as Harry Potter in the film series of the same name. He then went on to star in the likes of The Woman in Black, The Lost City and Now You See Me 2.

Daniel Radcliffe shows off incredible transformation


For the last few years though, Radcliffe’s been playing the lead in the TBS comedy series, Miracle Workers, where he appears as a different character in each season.

In the most recent, he plays road warrior Sid, who lives in a postnuclear apocalyptic world. And in the finale, he shows just what miracles he’s been working on his physique.

His big muscles made it relatively easy for him to fight robots and dismember them in a rage.

This isn’t the first time Radcliffe has stripped off for a role, but he’s never been this jacked before.


In 2007, at age 17, he starred in the play Equus, in both the West End and Broadway and went the Full Monty.

Radcliffe was recently asked if he’d ever return to the world of wizarding, as the new live-action Harry Potter TV series was announced.

While a new cast is set to take on the iconic roles, many Potter fans hoped Radcliffe would return, even for just a cameo role.

Radcliffe told ComicBook.com:


"My understanding is that they’re trying to very much start fresh and I’m sure whoever is making them will want to make their own mark on it and probably not want to have to figure out how to get old Harry to cameo in this somewhere.

“So I’m definitely not seeking it out in any way. But I do wish them, obviously, all the luck in the world and I’m very excited to have that torch passed. “But I don’t think it needs me to physically pass it.”

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