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17th Sep 2023

Serial killer gives terrifying warning to Piers Morgan when asked if he still has urges to kill

Joseph Loftus

Robert Spahalski was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

A serial killer gave a terrifying warning to Piers Morgan when asked if he still has the urge to kill.

While filming a new eight-part series for Fox Nation, Morgan has interviewed numerous killers across the United States, however, one has cemented itself in his mind for the most bone-chilling reason.

When speaking to Robert Spahalski, a killer who took the lives of four people and was sentenced to 100 years in prison for his crimes, Morgan asked the killer if he still had the urge to kill.

Piers Morgan

According to Morgan, he was warned by prison guards before interviewing Spahalski, with guards telling Morgan that he is a “very dangerous man” who once “broke out of handcuffs with his bare hands”.

Morgan also described the killer as “a tall, very muscular man” who “radiated quietly spoken deadly menace”.

During the interview, Morgan asked Spahalski if he still had the urge to kill.

Spahalski initially said “no” however just a moment later he added: “But if you push my trigger, you’re done.”

Morgan claims he needed more clarification from Spahalski and so asked: “What you’re saying is, if I press the wrong trigger with you in this interview, you might feel homicidal?”

Spahalski quickly responded: “Absolutely.”

Each of Spahalski’s victims were known to him. On New Year’s Eve in 1990, he killed his next-door neighbour Morraine Armstrong by strangling her. A year later he killed his girlfriend, Adrian Berger, along with his partner, Charles Grande, whom he bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

Spahalski strangled and beat his girlfriend’s best friend, Vivian Irizarry, to death 14 years later in 2005.

“For me as a journalist, there is nothing more compelling than sitting face-to-face with some of the most dangerous killers in the world to hold them directly to account for their crimes,” Morgan said about his upcoming series.

“This series is a fascinating collection of very varied and explosive interviews that I’m sure will leave viewers debating with family and friends as to the subject’s guilt or otherwise and give a gripping insight into the murderers’ mindset and motivation for doing what they did.”

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