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12th Jan 2024

Top Gun 3 has been confirmed to be in the works

Joseph Loftus

Top Gun 3

‘You can be my wingman anytime’

Top Gun 3 is currently in development with Paramount, it has been confirmed.

The upcoming movie will star Tom Cruise alongside Miles Teller and Glen Powell, who both appeared in 2022’s Blockbuster smash-hit, Top Gun: Maverick.

Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison are also on board for the project which is set to be produced or directed by Joe Kosinki.

Top Gun 3 has been confirmed to be in the works

News of the upcoming movie was confirmed by Puck who stated that the third entry would likely be Cruise’s next project once he finishes work on Mission Impossible 8.

In JOE’s review of Top Gun: Maverick, we praised the incredible action sequences of the sequel: “For pretty much the entire final hour of Top Gun: Maverick, you won’t be given an opportunity to allow a single muscle in your body to unclench. To use some of the more clichéd sentiments, it is properly edge-of-the-seat, gripping-your-armrests kinda stuff.

It is essentially one prolonged sequence, something that the entire movie has been building up to, and it amounts to one of the very best action scenes of recent years.”

If the third entry can come close to matching that, we’ll be very excited to see it.

At the time of writing it’s unknown just when Top Gun 3 will land in cinemas but it’s certainly something to look forward to.

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