Live it up post-festival with an awesome weekend away for you and your mates 4 years ago

Live it up post-festival with an awesome weekend away for you and your mates

Brought to you by Rockshore

The Rockshore Detour is sure to put you back in flying form if you're in Bundoran this weekend


It’s the last day of the festival, you’re absolutely wrecked and dreading your return to work.

Instead of spending the morning fumbling around with a tent, imagine ending the weekend in style.

What could be more refreshing than feeling the wind in your hair at 25,000 feet, while en route to a secret getaway.

This summer, Rockshore is offering you and five mates the chance to win the ultimate post festival experience.


Monday 24 June, the Rockshore Detour will whisk you away to one of the most insta worthy spots in the country.

To be eligible to win this amazing prize you MUST be in Bundoran on Monday 24 June.

Click here for more information on the competition.

Just because the festival is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to end


You’ll land at a stylish coastal lodge in Mayo, for some much needed rest and relaxation after the mental weekend.

There you'll be met. not only with a warm shower, but with a fresh change of clothes supplied by the Rockshore team.

Once you're scrubbed up, you and your mates will experience some well deserved glamour. Hot tubs will be bubbling and awaiting your arrival, along with the finest bbq you've ever seen.

Top this off with an evening dip in the Atlantic Ocean, and a sunset stroll on the nearby beach.


After all of this, a chance to enjoy a Rockshore while looking back on your amazing day.

Although it's sure to be unforgettable, you’ll also leave with the ultimate insta story to revisit anytime. Rockshore will edit and prepare all your favourite pics and videos, just for you!

As if this couldn't get any better, you and your mates will then hop back in the helicopter for a lift home! Beats the bus any day doesn’t it?

Head to the Rockshore website for further information.

Throughout the summer, Rockshore will have ten epic festival packs up for grabs. Keep an eye on our site for further details.


Brought to you by Rockshore