And the Irish man most Irish men want to be is... 9 years ago

And the Irish man most Irish men want to be is...

If you are Tallafornia’s Cormac or Enda Kenny, look away now.

When asked if they could be one person for the day, the survey reveals that Irish men never let go of that childhood dream of becoming a super hero, with 60 per cent of respondents picking X-Men actor and man of the moment Michael Fassbender. The ‘Frank’ star beat MMA king Conor McGregor, who packed little or no punch with only 15 per cent of respondents prepared to get in the ring.


Jamie Heaslip 31/5/2014


Low in the polls this month is Taoiseach Enda Kenny with 12 per cent of the votes, and despite displaying skills on the pitch, Jamie Heaslip (pic above) scored 11 per cent, with Cormac of Tallafornia only bagging two per cent.

The survey, conducted for Unilever, also looked at men's priorities.


Topping the list  is more time with friends. When asked what they would do if they had more time every day, 34 per cent would choose to spend it with mates instead of their partner. Irish President Michael D Higgins (pic below) who took 32 per cent of the vote to rank highest on the list of people who Irish men would most like to hang out with, beating off stiff competition from actor Colin Farrell, rugby hero Brian O’Driscoll and One Direction’s Niall Horan.

President Michael D. Higgins at the game 13/10/2013

Given the chance, 58 per cent would jet off and spend the rest of their lives travelling over raising a family, playing sport or working more. Content is king when it comes to early rising for Irish men with 70 per cent reaching for their phone first thing in the morning, and 51 per cent spending a speedy 15 minutes getting ready.

Irish men remain hopeless romantics when it comes to picking a partner, with 49 per cent saying they are attracted to personality over body, eyes and income. Interestingly enough, the survey tells us that Irish men prefer to splash out on a first date as 41 per cent choose to go out to dinner over the cinema or staying in.


The survey coincides with Unilever’s  compressed packaging format which was introduced simultaneously across Sure Men, Dove Men +Care, Lynx and Vaseline Men range. Compressed cans last just as long as the bigger cans but with pocket-friendly packaging.