WATCH: Balbriggan RFC players take the Ice Bath Quiz 3 years ago

WATCH: Balbriggan RFC players take the Ice Bath Quiz

Brought to you by the National Lottery

Balbriggan RFC had a go at the Ice Bath Quiz in front of Irish rugby legends Gordon D'Arcy and Jenny Murphy.


Have you ever watched a TV show and thought you could do better than the contestants? It's one thing knowing the answer from the comfort of your own home, but it's a whole other ball game once you add the pressure of being put on the spot.

We thought we’d make it even more fun by putting them into a bath of freezing cold water. If there is a better way to aid recovery after a training session than by (literally) chilling in an ice-cold bath while Gordon D'Arcy and Jenny Murphy ask you questions, we've yet to hear it.

The participants will have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as they can.

This is all happening to celebrate rugby clubs across Ireland who, just like Balbriggan RFC, have received Good Causes funding through the National Lottery. We'll be visiting beneficiary clubs in each of the four provinces, so keep an eye out for more over the coming weeks.


First up is Balbriggan RFC, with hooker Steph Campbell representing them. As you'll see from the video below, it isn't exactly easy to answer rugby questions when your legs are going numb from icy water!

Balbriggan RFC has received over €140,000 in funding from the National Lottery to develop their pitches, and stand as a perfect example of the fantastic work being done in clubs and communities across Ireland.

Nearly 30 cent in every €1 spent on National Lottery games goes back to Good Causes in communities all over the country. Last year alone more than €228 million in funding was raised by people playing National Lottery games.

All games are strictly for those aged 18 or older. Play responsibly, play for fun.


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Brought to you by the National Lottery