Durex finds out the bare truth about couples' sex lives 9 years ago

Durex finds out the bare truth about couples' sex lives

Ahead of tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice on TV3, Durex quizzed 2,000 couples, aged 25-54, about their relationships and found that many feel their work hard, play hard lifestyle gets in the way of intimacy.

Researchers found that a third of couples can sometimes go days without touching each other and in the average relationship they’ll spend less than four hours together each day.


A further 22% say that when they’re at home they’ll often sit at opposite ends of the sofa rather than cuddle up together. So why not change that tonight by cuddling up to your missus during the Celebrity Apprentice on TV3.

Eight out of 10 people surveyed rated touch as the most important element in a relationship, while two-thirds still said they felt starved of affection due to our work hard, play hard lifestyle getting in the way.

61% of couples wished they spent more time kissing, cuddling and being affectionate with their partner, which makes sense in light of the fact that the survey revealed a man’s loving touch can increase a women’s self-esteem by up to 40% and make her feel at her most beautiful.

Susan Quilliam, Durex’s sex and relationship expert, said: ‘These findings show clearly that we need to connect more deeply with our partners on a daily basis. Durex Embrace is encouraging couples to re-discover skin intimacy with the launch of a new pleasure gel specially designed for couples. The emotional intimacy that comes from talking together, sharing emotions and having great sex is what really connects you’.


So there you have it. Why not spontaneously cuddle up to your better half tonight and don’t forget to tune in to the Celebrity Apprentice on TV3 at 9pm where you’ll see the contestants working on a task that's a little saucier than usual…