The 10 most popular character-inspired costumes perfect for Halloween 5 months ago

The 10 most popular character-inspired costumes perfect for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and before we know it, the costumes will have flown off the shelves.

If you are a parent or guardian to a young child or children, it's likely that they have already said who or what they want to dress up as for this year's Halloween.


However, if you've found yourself stuck for ideas, a recent study that has revealed the top 10 most popular costumes inspired by movie characters that may provide some inspiration.

The study, conducted by OutdoorToys, features a list of the most famous film characters and analysed the number of Google searches for their costumes to unveil the most popular movie character costumes worldwide.

1. Spiderman


Coming in at number one as the most popular character to dress up as is everyone's favourite webbed hero, Spider-Man. With over 2,042,500 Google searches, the web-slinging hero shoots to the top of the list as the most inspirational movie character in the study.

And since the release of the Spider-Verse movies, there are lots of new Spider-Man costumes to replicate. However, the classic look is the red and blue spidey suit.

Credit: IMDb

2. Catwoman

Catwoman sneaked in at second as the most popular female movie character to dress up as, accounting for almost 1.4 million Google searches. People, over the years, have donned cat ears and black outfits to mimic the the Anne Hathaway Catwoman look or the more classic version sported by Michelle Pfieffer.

This one is easy to achieve with just black clothing and kitty ears, and a mask if you feel like going the extra mile.

3. Harry Potter

The magical world of Hogwarts is the home of the third place character as Harry Potter whizzes his way into the top 10 of popular Halloween costumes.

The wizarding student outfit is an easy one to replicate and perfect if you're looking for a last-minute Halloween costume.

All that's needed is a cloak, glasses, and a drawn-on lightning scar on the forehead to resemble the iconic Harry Potter. Springing for a red and yellow scarf will tie the look together as they are the colours of House Gryffindor.

Credit: IMDb

4. Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by the 2010 adaptation of the movie, Alice ranks fourth in the list of most popular Halloween costumes inspired by movie characters with 1,103,800 of Google searches.

A blue dress and curly ringlets will easily bring Alice's look to life on Halloween.

5. Batman

It wouldn't be Halloween without little Batmen trick-or-treating, which makes this entry understandable.

With 1,024,000 Google searches, Batman has inspired costumes with his all-black attire and iconic Bat emblem.

Credit: IMDb

6. Wonder Woman

Another female superhero makes the top 10 as Wonder Woman accounts for 912,500 of Google searches when it comes to Halloween Costumes.

Gal Gadot stepped into the boots of the iconic superhero in 2017 and has been inspiring Halloween get-ups ever since.

Credit: IMDb

7 & 8. Velma and Daphne

With 819,500 and 756,000 Google searches respectively, the Scooby Doo characters with their iconic and colourful outfits come hand in hand into the top 10 of popular Halloween costumes.

The duo, with Velma dressed in red and Daphne in purple, are like chalk and cheese in personality, and would be perfect for a sister or best friend duo on Halloween night, and can be put together with everyday clothes around the house.

Credit: IMDb

9. Scarecrow

Fans of The Wizard of Oz have kept this beloved character on the list with 612,000 of Google searches for Scarecrow-inspired Halloween costumes.

Despite it being released in 1939, its influence has remained strong through generations, earning it a number nine spot on this list.

Credit: IMDb

10. Princess Leia

Completing the list is an iconic Star Wars character, Princess Leia. Her look is an easy one to bring to life as all it requires are space buns, as well as a long white gown.

It's unsurprising that 572,400 of Google searches for costumes on Halloween are geared towards the princess, as Star Wars fans have passed down their love onto their own children.

Credit: IMDb

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