REVIEW: No One Will Save You is one of 2023's biggest surprises 5 months ago

REVIEW: No One Will Save You is one of 2023's biggest surprises

An unmissable thriller is now available to watch at home.

Every now and again, a movie seems to come along out of absolutely nowhere to completely blow you away. In 2023, that movie is No One Will Save You, a home invasion horror movie given a number of particularly unique twists.


The first of which is that the movie is almost entirely dialogue free, and done so in a way that doesn't massively call attention to itself. The plot revolves around Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever), a recluse in a small town in America, who seems to be actively avoided by the other residents of the town, apparently in reaction to some tragedy she was involved in over a decade ago.

Living alone and with no-one to talk to, it is over a full hour before Brynn utters her first full line of dialogue, and when she does, it arrives like a sledgehammer. Because by then, she is in the middle of the night from hell, awoken by the sounds of an intruder downstairs in her home.

Going down to investigate, it becomes immediately apparent that the visitor is not human, and that the invasion isn't isolated to her home, as the entire town appears to be under attack.


No One Will Save You is a mix of Signs and A Quiet Place

Written and directed by Brian Duffield (who also provided the the script for the extremely underrated Underwater), he mixes the claustrophobic vantage point to a huge event angle of Signs with the whisper-quiet, edge-of-your-seat scares of A Quiet Place to great effect.

It is also magnificently anchored by Dever, who has proved herself over and over again in the likes of Booksmart and Dopesick. She has to effectively sell this evil-little-grey-men horror movie almost entirely on her own, and she does it all without barely uttering a word. 

While not everything works, including a somewhat shonky emotional payoff and an ending that feels like it came from one of the lesser Black Mirror episodes, the majority of the movie remains one of the most nail-biting thrillers of the year. Off the top of our heads, No One Will Save You is the best Disney+ original movie to arrive directly on the streaming service since Prey.


No One Will Save You is available to watch on Disney+ in Ireland and the UK from today, Friday 22 September.

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