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23rd Jul 2019

WATCH: Logan Paul’s interview on Fox News is truly bizarre

Rudi Kinsella

logan paul

Throughout the interview, Logan Paul says that he is no longer controversial, and that he is also the fastest man in the world.

YouTube sensation Logan Paul appeared on Fox News on Monday to speak about why he uploads his videos to YouTube instead of Facebook, and it is possibly one of the strangest six minute-videos we’ve ever seen.

The interview immediately takes a turn, as man with 19 million YouTube subscribers announced that he is “an ex-controversial” star, and that he is proudly no longer controversial.

He earned $14.5 million in 2018, but in the interview says that his expenses just passed his income for the first time, and that this terrifies him. “I think it’s the beginning of the end,” he said.

On top of that, he claimed that his podcast is the number one in the world, and that he is the fastest man in the world.

He says: “I could be the quickest man on the planet… I’m betting $100,000 that I’m the fastest man on the planet. I’m the fastest man on the planet.”

Take a look:

Clip via Fox Business

Finally, his advice for being a top YouTuber?

“Authenticity,” he said.

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Logan Paul