McDonald’s adds five items to revamped menu, including a brand new burger 10 months ago

McDonald’s adds five items to revamped menu, including a brand new burger

Five in, five out.

McDonald's is having a shake-up as fast-food fans will have five new items on the menu to try, as of today (Wednesday, March 29).


Some food items, including burgers and ice creams, were removed as part of the changes to the menu. The change comes as part of McD’s regular menu shake-ups as certain foods are only seasonal or temporary.

The biggest change of all sees the Chicken Big Mac returning. Described as 'a twist on the classic Big Mac', the chicken breast offering is back on the menu in a limited-edition run.

That is not all, with another new burger added to the menu, some dippers and McFlurry flavours with an Easter theme in mind.



Steakhouse burger and McFlurry additions

As well as the limited-edition Chicken Big Mac, McDonald's customers can, from March 29, chose 'The Steakhouse Stack'.

Thomas O’Neill, head of marketing for McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said, "It is another fantastic development from our menu team, the taste of steak and peppercorn sauce captured perfectly in this newest addition to our menu."

Three returning menu items are Mozzarella Dippers, served with a salsa dip, and seasonal offerings - Cadbury Creme Egg and Caramel Egg McFlurrys.


For those lamenting the departure of Grand Big Mac, Grand Big Mac with Bacon, Chilli Cheese bites, Galaxy Chocolate and Galaxy Caramel McFlurrys, all is not lost.

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