Nun jokes, airplane tears & the naked test: JOE spins the Tombola Of Truth with The Kooks 5 years ago

Nun jokes, airplane tears & the naked test: JOE spins the Tombola Of Truth with The Kooks

"Absolute shit-hole. Is that three words?"

Next up on the JOE Tombola of Truth is The Kooks bassist, Pete Denton.

When JOE caught up with Pete, the Kook-mobile (which is what the band probably don't call their tour bus) had just broken down 'in the middle of f**kin' nowhere mate' on the way to a gig.

Without delay, let the spin begin.


JOE: Do you think there is life on other planets?

Pete: Definitely without doubt. It's obvious, the Universe is so big. Haven't we found another planet in a different galaxy that's the same as earth? (JOE hasn't the foggiest) 

It's pretty much fact, there is life on other planets.

(JOE: Fact?)

 Well, of course, it's life but is it life that's walking around fucking mugging stuff?

Do you know what I mean? (Laughs) (JOE is already a bit lost)

JOE: Have you ever been naked in public.

Pete: Yes, yes I have. I used to, when I was hungover, test my girlfriend by seeing how far I'd get outside the door naked before she would call me back.

I'd generally get to the edge of the garden, maybe the street before she would would go mental and call me back in.

JOE: Pete, when was the last time you cried?

Pete: It was on a plane, not that long ago. I get really emotional on planes, I think flying does that to you, particularly long-haul if you've had a couple of drinks.

I was watching The Skeleton Twins, it's not particularly sad, but I dunno, I kind of shed a little tear.


*The Skeleton Twins - tearjerker

JOE: Describe your country in three words?

Pete: Jesus three words, that's difficult. Absolute shit-hole. Is that three words? (JOE has hyphenated 'shit-hole but it could be considered two separate words so yes, it's good to go Pete).

JOE: What is the most Irish sounding town that you've ever been to?

Pete: (Much laughter).... I'll say... Dublin!

JOE: Have you ever been involved in a pub fight?

Pete: Yes. It was more of a kicking than a fight though, so not really actually.

Hmmm, more scuffles than fights I'd say, you know mates who are in a bit of trouble and you help out, in the process of running out the door. TAXI!

JOE: What is the capital of Venezuela?

Pete: I don't know. I don't know! This is really annoying. Can I Google it? Can you help me out? (JOE can't give clues) 

Okay, my mind's gone blank. (JOE tells him it's Caracas) No, I would never have gotten that.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 15.31.41

JOE: Takeaways - Chinese or Indian?

Pete: Indian, every day mate. Every day of the week. (JOE wants to know his order) You ready? Okay, I get chicken tikka jalfrezi, pilau rice, garlic naan, a couple of onion bhajis depending how I feel.

I've got a great local Indian that continued to deliver to me even when I moved three and half miles away. I just give them an extra tenner to drive to my house.

JOE: What's your go-to joke, clean or otherwise?

Pete: What do you call a nun with a washing machine on her head? Sister Matic. It's not offensive and it's my joke since being a kid. I still bring it out.

JOE: What person, dead or alive, would you most like to go for a pint with?

Pete: Freddie Mercury, man. Bit an obvious one but it's true.

The Kooks have added an extra date at the The Olympia Theatre after selling out Saturday February 28th. There are still some tickets available for Friday, February 27th.