Pic: Was this the most dangerous slide in the world? 7 years ago

Pic: Was this the most dangerous slide in the world?

The slide itself looks okay to us. It is the fact that at the end of the slide is a 40 foot drop onto concrete that is slightly worrying.

Located in eastern China, the slide is on top of a three-storey building where the toys are manufactured. Of course it isn’t for public consumption, but local parents are concerned that curious and thrill-seeking youngsters will want to give it a go.


Factory managers say the slide is meant to advertise the company's wares, and is not intended to be used by anyone and following the local outcry, they agreed to take the object away. How noble of them. slide

What could possibly go wrong? “We can understand people's fears so we will be removing the slide,” a spokesman told The Daily Mail.

The company might say they are laying the foundations for a better placed slide, but at least they came to their senses to remove it before anyone was seriously injured.

Grass is one thing, a concrete a different ball game altogether.