This unseasonably warm weather is set to last for a few more days 3 years ago

This unseasonably warm weather is set to last for a few more days

Great news, unless you work during Bank Holidays, in which case, you should probably ignore this.

This Easter has been pretty spectacular, weather wise, with temperatures getting up to a (relatively) blistering 22 degrees in parts of the country.


Initially, the weather forecast had predicted that Easter Sunday would be the last of the good weather, before things take a turn for the cold and rainy, but it looks like we're actually going to be getting some heat and dryness for a few more days, yet.

In their latest forecast, Met Éireann have said that Monday will see temperatures remain quite high, between 18 and 22 degrees in some place.

Tuesday will be pretty much the same, with highest temperatures ranging between 17 and 20 degrees, but that night will see heavy rain begin to develop in certain parts of the country.

Wednesday will see temperatures drop to between 13 and 18 degrees, while Thursday will bring everything back down to the average for this time of year, between 11 and 14 degrees, with heavy rain predicted in some parts.


After that, it is back to business, with cool and changeable weather, but still, at least it lasted those few days longer than any of us expected it to!

So make sure to make the most of it!