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06th Apr 2015

Video: If you share a bed with someone, this alarm clock might change your life

Introducing the Wakē

Joe Harrington

This might prevent a few arguments.

People are on different schedules nowadays so there’s always one that wakes up earlier than the other.

What that really means is that the person left behind can’t get back to sleep, and it’s impossible to ignore the alarm because the tones are so piercing (and annoying).

What follows is usually a very cranky individual.


If you share a bed with a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or someone you met recently on Tinder, you’ll appreciate the brilliance of this device.

There’s no sound, it just beams a light on to your face to wake you, which makes you rise from your slumber more naturally.

This video explains the Wakē in full, it’s so clever.

YouTube credit: Lucera Labs.

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