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10th Jan 2014

Video: This look at the world’s tallest waterslide will make your head spin and your bowels loosen

If you suffer from a fear of heights do not press play. Seriously


If you suffer from a  fear of heights do not press play. Seriously

A few months back we brought you this picture, taken from the top of a water slide that was under construction in the US.

Slide 1

At the time, we called it ‘panic-inducing’ but the below video, which takes you up to the top of the slide and swoops you down the other side is best described as ‘brown-trousers inducing’, especially if you have even a hint of vertigo.

Posted on Mashable today, and released just before Christmas, this gives you a much better sense of just how big this slide will be. Named Verrückt, German for ‘Insane’, it is designed so that you and three others – if you can find three others to do this – slide all the way down this terrifying plastic nightmare.

No details on the exact height, and speed achievable, have been disclosed but it will open in Kansas City this summer of you fancy a spin on it.

We’ll pass, thanks all the same…

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