We've got great news for fans of Subway sandwiches 5 years ago

We've got great news for fans of Subway sandwiches

From now on, when they say ‘footlong’ they’ll really mean it.

A couple of years back, Subway, the massive worldwide sandwich chain, came under fire when a picture featuring one of their famous footlong subs went viral and resulted in some unwanted bad press.


The photo included a footlong sub beside a measuring tape, which clearly showed that the sandwich in question was noticeably shorter than a foot in length, resulting in a class action lawsuit from angry and possibly even hangry Subway customers.


Now, according to Business Insider, Subway will now require the subs in all of their franchises to measure the required six and 12 inches in length, ensuring no more frustrated customers and more importantly from Subway’s point of view, no more lawsuits.

Subway have agreed to carry out compliance inspections to ensure that the new conditions are being adhered to and their protocols will no longer allow “for a small tolerance in the size of a footlong sandwich” as had previously been the case.

Anyone else hungry all of a sudden?