The Young Offenders respond to Cork being voted the least sexy city in the entire world 5 years ago

The Young Offenders respond to Cork being voted the least sexy city in the entire world

"Even worse than Offaly?"

In case you missed it, the results of a worldwide poll found that our very own Cork was the least sexual city on the entire planet.


It was, to put it mildly, more than a little embarrassing, and on an international level.


Meanwhile, off the back of their hugely popular movie, the cast and crew of The Young Offenders have reunited for a TV series that is going to be aired early next year on BBC and RTÉ.

JOE was lucky enough to be invited on set to chat to everyone involved and watch them film some of the scenes, but unfortunately we can't talk about any of that just yet...


However, while we can't talk about specifics of the upcoming show (but do watch this space...), we did ask Alex Murphy (who plays Conor), Chris Walley (Jock), Dominic McHale (Sergeant Healy) and Shane Casey (Billy) how they felt about Cork coming in dead last on the global leader-board of sexy cities:

"Bullshit," was Alex's succinct reply. "It depends on who they're drawing these statistics from? Where are they doing these surveys, in a nursing home or something? We're not in Cork anymore, though. We're in Dublin and London, so..."


McHale jumps in quickly, though: "And now you're back, so it's changed."

And Casey joins in: "We're bringing sexy back!"

Chris still seems to be a little in awe at the statistic: "This is, literally, the least sexy city ... in the world? That's pretty bad."

Yep, Cork even came in behind the likes of Bratislava (no offence to any of readers in Bratislava, we're sure you're very sexy).


Chris cracks himself up, saying "We're even worse than Offaly?"

No, no. It is just cities, so there is a chance that, on average, Offaly is even less sexy than Cork (no offence to any of our readers is Offaly, we're sure you're very sexy...)

So there you have it. Will the return of The Young Offenders to the Rebel County help boost the sexiness? We can only hope...