This driver's excuse for speeding was never going to work on the Gardaí 2 years ago

This driver's excuse for speeding was never going to work on the Gardaí

Worth a shot though.

Operation Slow Down concluded on Saturday 21 October at 7am and Gardaí released a list of ‘notable incidents’ of Irish motorists caught speeding in the 24-hour period.

They checked the speed of over 140,000 cars and although the example below was not on the 'notable incidents' list, it was checked by Gardaí and caught speeding.

Limerick Traffic Corps pulled over a car that was doing almost 60km/h over the speed limit on a road in the south of the country which was not named.

The car was imported and had a speedometer calibrated which displayed speeds in miles per hour instead of the normal kilometres per hour.

In the tweet posted by An Garda Síochána on Sunday afternoon, members of the Traffic Corps said that the car was doing 139km/h in an 80km/h zone.

Normally one's reasoning for speeding is because they are in a rush to get somewhere quickly.

However, this particular driver said that the reason they were speeding was because they were following the speedometer in the car which was reading 80 and therefore they thought they were matching the speed limit on the road.

However, the driver was travelling at speeds of mph instead of km/h and actually was recorded doing 86mph (139km/h), meaning that even if they were following the speedometer, they were still aware that they were over the '80' limit.

The offence will attract a fine and penalty points.