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15th Jan 2024

Barry Keoghan has ‘banned his entire family’ from watching Saltburn

Kat O'Connor

Barry Keoghan family

Keoghan has been nominated for multiple awards for his role in the film

Barry Keoghan has become even more famous since starring in Saltburn, but the actor has reportedly banned his family from watching the movie.

The Emerald Fennell film has caused quite a stir online, but critics believe Keoghan’s performance is one of his best.

His role as Oliver Quick may have banked him a load of award nominations, but Barry is not letting his family watch the film.

“There are also some things he doesn’t want us knowing… or seeing,” his aunt Lorraine told MailOnline.

“He’s banned the whole family from watching Saltburn because there’s a few racy scenes in it,” his aunt revealed.

They may not have watched his latest project, but Barry’s family are incredibly proud of him.

His aunt said he put so much work and effort in to get where he is today.

“He hasn’t had anything handed to him on a plate, whatever he’s got now is through sheer hard work and determination,” she said.

Despite his status, Barry hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. His aunt said he does his best to stay in touch with his family, but he has been busier than ever.

She said he will never forget about where he comes from.

“He keeps in touch with us, he FaceTimes with his nanny a lot. When he can, he comes home to Dublin,” Lorraine shared.

The news comes after the actor opened up about his career in an incredibly honest interview with GQ.

Keoghan said Hollywood can be a dangerous place, but he’s living a dream.

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