Single people of Ireland, here’s how to apply for a brand new version of ‘Blind Date’ on TV3 11 months ago

Single people of Ireland, here’s how to apply for a brand new version of ‘Blind Date’ on TV3

Know anyone who’d be up for this? Would you?

TV3 are calling on single men and women looking for love in Ireland, of all age groups, to apply for their own version of the classic dating show, Blind Date.

On Friday, TV3 unveiled comedian and Today FM DJ Al Porter as their own version of Cilla Black, with Porter set to host a show that will air on TV3 in the autumn.

All you have to do to apply is to log on to the TV3 website and fill out the application form. If selected by the casting team, you will be called to discuss your application over the phone.

If they like what they hear, you’ll be selected to do a Skype interview and if that all goes to plan, successful candidates will proceed to filming, which is likely to take place on various dates between June and October 2017.


Commenting on his role as host of the new show, Al Porter said: "I'm beyond delighted this is happening and leaped at the chance to do it! Since I was a kid on stage in the Olympia all I've ever wanted to do was cheer people up and entertain as many people as possible.

“I remember watching shows like Blind Date with Cilla as my Mam ironed and my Nana laughed and it doing just that - cheering us all up!

“To think I've the opportunity to be welcomed into people's homes each week on TV3 for a bit of shiny, silly fun is a privilege and I hope people love it! Most fun for me, is like my Panto and radio work, Blind Date on TV3 will be broad fun, family entertainment! ...Now, to practice saying "what's your name, where do you come from?!"

Tara for now, chuck.

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