Brand new David Attenborough nature doc drops on Netflix today 1 year ago

Brand new David Attenborough nature doc drops on Netflix today

The series is appropriately being released on Earth Day.

Netflix is launching a brand-new documentary from David Attenborough on Thursday 22 April, entitled Life in Colour.


Unsurprisingly, the series will have a strong focus on colour, and will explore the vital role that it plays in the lives of animals and creatures across the planet. Equally unsurprisingly, it looks set to be brilliant.

In order to really captivate viewers as well, the show has used specially made cameras in its production to help the audience see it from an animal's perspective.

The cameras will allow the viewer to see colours that are usually invisible to human eyes, such as bright signals on butterfly's wings and the facial markings on yellow damselfish.

In the trailer, David tells us how animals "can use colour for all different reasons whether to win a mate or beat a rival, to warn off an enemy or to hide from one."


He goes on to explain: "To understand how these colours work we need to see them from an animal's perspective. With new cameras developed especially for this series, now we can.

"We will reveal a world that has long been hidden from our eyes. Colours so bold and brilliant they dazzle our senses."