The stars of The Hangover remember the Irish premiere after-party 1 month ago

The stars of The Hangover remember the Irish premiere after-party

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Disney has a new movie out this week that is actually a mini-reunion of The Hangover cast.

There are some cast members, and no matter what new projects they're a part of, you can't help but think back to the time you saw them together for the very first time.


That is exactly what happened with the cast of Ron's Gone Wrong, the new animated comedy from Disney and 20th Century Studios, which features the voice talents of Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms, who we obviously all know from their debauchery-laden behaviour during the Hangover Trilogy.

The one-time Alan and Stu both feature in this new film dealing with a young boy (Jack Dylan Grazer) who is gifted a new robot buddy (voiced by Galifianakis) by his father (Helms) for his birthday, but the robot is missing some vital software, causing some unique glitches and the emergence of his very own personality.

You can check out our full interview with Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms right here:

During the interview, Zach and Ed discuss their love of sneaking in "adult" jokes into family-friendly movies, as well as what item they most coveted when they were kids (Zach's answer is ... a surprise, for sure).

But we kicked off our chat with a mention that way back in 2009, this interviewer's first ever premiere after-party was for The Hangover, with the stars themselves present. Did we need to apologise to anyone for our actions that night?

"Yes! Yes, you were way out of line," Helms tells us. "All night long. We all talked about it."


Zach added: "We still talk about that!"

Ed continues:

"That Hangover premiere party in Dublin was my first trip to Ireland and I was just so smitten with Dublin and with the Irish people. And we were only there for one or two nights."

Then, completely deadpanning, Zach remarks: "I didn't know it was much of a drinking society," before stating "I love Dublin. God, I love that town."

Considering they had such a good time here last time, we made an open invitation for them to return to Ireland to party whenever they like. Who knows, maybe they'll join us at Jamie Lee Curtis' new film festival here...


Ron's Gone Wrong arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 15 October.

Clip via 20th Century Studios UK

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