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17th May 2020

Here are the best movies on TV on Sunday

Rudi Kinsella

movies on TV

Sunday night will always be movie night.

And that will never change.

Why not settle in on the couch and watch one of these movies this evening?

Dr. No – RT 2 – 6.25pm

The one that started it all off. The brilliant Sean Connery brings the iconic 007 character to life on the big screen in the very first James Bond movie.

Despicable Me 2 – ITV 2 – 7.20pm

A good watch for the whole family, and there’s definitely no need to have seen the first one beforehand.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Film 4 – 9pm

Thriller starring Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner. Violent enough, but a relatively decent watch.

The Jerk – Sky Comedy – 9pm 

Steve Martin stars as a white man who is distraught to learn that the black couple who raised him are not his biological parents. As crazy as it sounds.

Magnum Force – TCM Movies – 9.55pm

The sequel to the classic movie Dirty Harry. Clint Eastwood returns as Harry Callahan, a loose cannon on the trail of a killer who is executing criminals all over the Bay area.

Mike Bassett: England Manager – UTV – 10.20pm

An absolute classic. A dreadful football coach is unexpectedly chosen as England’s new manager. His efforts see him go from national treasure to most hated man in the country. Hilarious.

Mercury Rising – Channel 4 – 11pm

Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin and Miko Hughes star in this 1998 action thriller, if you fancy a late one.