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19th Oct 2023

Netflix prices raising for (some of) their customers

Rory Cashin

Netflix prices

The new Netflix prices will impact some customers across the island of Ireland.

Four months back, Netflix implemented a password crackdown in Ireland and the UK with immediate effect, and off the back of it, Netflix has managed to massively increase its total subscribers. Variety reports that the streaming service say they’ve had an 8% overall increase on this time last year, up 8.76 million new subscribers to a new total of 247.15 million

Additionally, Deadline report that Netflix are also introducing increased Netflix prices for some (but not all) of their subscribers, with a letter to the shareholders stating as follows:

“While we mostly paused price increases as we rolled out paid sharing, our overall approach remains the same – a range of prices and plans to meet a wide range of needs, and as we deliver more value to our members, we occasionally ask them to pay a bit more.”

“Our starting price is extremely competitive with other streamers and at $6.99 per month in the US, for example, it’s much less than the average price of a single movie ticket.”

Netflix announced that the price increases, right now, will be kept just to those customers in the US, the UK, and France, with the new prices being £4.99/$6.99/€5.99 for the Ads plan, £7.99/$11.99/€10.99 for the Basic plan (which is being actively phased out and is no longer available to new members), £10.99/$15.49/€13.49 for the Standard plan, and £17.99/$22.99/€19.99 for the Premium plan.

JOE reached out to a Netflix representative on the pricing increase who confirmed that the new Netflix prices will not impact customers in the Republic of Ireland.

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