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12th Oct 2023

Ireland’s Most Evil Killers coming to Irish TV this month

Rory Cashin

Ireland Killers

The new series will focus on the crimes of five murderers from Ireland’s history.

New series Ireland’s Most Evil Killers will be available to audiences to check out at home in Ireland and the UK very soon. The official synopsis for the new series, which comes from the same producers of the hit series Britain’s Most Famous Killers, tells us the following:

“Ireland’s Most Evil Killers delves into the sordid world of some of the most notorious murderers the country has ever seen. The gripping five-part series examines the disturbing cases of five of Ireland’s most infamous killers: Joe O’Reilly, Colin Whelan, Catherine Nevin, Charlotte and Linda Mulhall, and Eric Locke.

The series kicks off with what remains one of the most notorious cases in the country – the brutal murder of Rachel O’Reilly, staged to look like a burglary gone wrong by her husband and killer, Joe O’Reilly. The episode also documents the devastating impact her death has had on her family.

“Using archive news footage, stylised recreations, expert analysis and interviews with those closest to the brutal cases, the series uncovers the stories behind these murders and the investigations that ensued.”

Ireland’s Most Evil Killers will debut on Sky Crime or with a NOW Entertainment Membership from Thursday 19 October.

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