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“What are you doing for the game tonight?” “Getting drunk.”

They say that wherever you go in the world, you’ll always see someone in an inter-county GAA jersey of some description and so it proved in Edmonton in Canada on Saturday night.

Jimmy Higgins, who was born in Leitrim, moved to Longford when he was a young fella, has lived in Edmonton for the last 15 months and was wearing a Galway hurling jersey he bought at half-time while home for the All-Ireland hurling semi-final last year, was interviewed in a bar in Edmonton prior to the Edmonton Oilers’ clash with San Jose Sharks on Saturday.

Having been to a few Oilers games, Jimmy was keen to point out the difference in atmospheres between sporting events in that part of the world and in Europe and urged Oilers fans to be a bit louder in support of their team.

Jimmy and his mate, Trevor from Mullingar (also in shot) might have had a couple of beers before the interview was recorded, but his enthusiasm was clear for all to see and obviously rubbed off on the Oilers, who won 2-0 on the night.

Make sure to keep watching right until Jimmy delivers the killer line right at the end.

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