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These Japanese fans of The Young Offenders have done something quite incredible
The amount of time and effort (and money!) that went into this is staggering.

The love for Conor and Jock is global!

Pretty much everyone who watched The Young Offenders instantly loved the two Cork lads as they set off on their illegal escapades, and the movie proved to be so popular that there will soon be a spin-off show hitting our TV screens.

We'd already heard that the movie had gone down a treat in the UK and the USA, but just how far the love for the lads spread is a surprise even to us.

Twitter user Boctok_3KA is from Japan, and has done something quite special to show their love for Conor and Jock.

In the short video below, you can see footage of Boctok's trip to Cork, where they have visited some of the more memorable locations of The Young Offenders movie, and perfectly lined up stills from the film with the real-world.

The amount of time and effort (and money!) that must have gone into doing this is staggering, and it really goes to show the impression that the Cork boys have left with people all over the world.

Titled "Looking for Conor & Jock", we really hope that Boctok, whoever you are, you did manage to cross paths with the lads at some point during your travels!


Cork is looking mighty sexy, and we're sure The Young Offenders would agree with us, even if the rest of the world apparently doesn't...

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