There are some big names on this week's episode of The Late Late Show 9 months ago

There are some big names on this week's episode of The Late Late Show

We've got a legitimate star on this couch with Tubridy this week.

Friday night can mean one of two things - you're either heading out for a wild night on the town, or you're staying in out of that cold weather and enjoying a night on the couch.

And if you're staying in, you're probably going to end up tuning in to The Late Late Show, whether you plan on doing so or not.

On this week's episode, we've got a properly famous actor!

That's right, Kiefer Sutherland himself will be joining Tubs on the couch, where he will almost definitely be talking about his musical career.

The 24 star is touring the UK and Ireland in the near future, with tickets for his Dublin show in The Academy going on sale on Friday morning.

Then we've got funny man Jack Whitehall, the much-adored stand-up comedian who will surely have the audience in stitches.

The brilliant Andrea Corr will also be chatting to Ryan, about her successful career, as well as her memoir, Barefoot Pilgrimage, which has been described as "an exercise in coming to terms with and making sense of life and mortality following the loss of a beloved father".

She has recently opened up about the anguish of suffering five miscarriages when attempting to start a family after marrying Brett Desmond in 2009.

More guests are expected to be announced on Friday.

The Late Late Show kicks off on RTÉ One at 9.35pm on Friday night.