Love Island contestant at the heart of blackface controversy 1 year ago

Love Island contestant at the heart of blackface controversy

The series doesn't start until Monday night, but it is already attracting controversy.

A recently uncovered image depicts new contestant Anton Danyluk dressed up as The A Team's Mr T during a friend's Halloween party in 2014.


In the picture, he can be seen wearing blue dungarees, a large gold chain, and wearing very dark makeup on both his face and hands.

There is now calls for the 24-year-old Scottish man to be kicked off the show, with last year's contestant Marcel Somerville describing it as racist.

“Blackface was a form of entertainment that comedians and actors used to do," Marcel told The Sun. "But we all know it’s just not funny and simply not acceptable any more."

“In my opinion it hasn’t been acceptable for decades, so to hear that someone still thinks it’s okay to make fun of people’s skin colour is absolutely ridiculous.

"It’s racist, and for him to stay on the show now with no repercussions is not okay."

The series is yet to respond to the uncovering of the images, nor has Anton himself.

Love Island kicks on Monday night on Virgin Media Two, where an official response may be issued.