M. Night Shyamalan reveals his favourite new horror movies 1 year ago

M. Night Shyamalan reveals his favourite new horror movies

We asked the master of scary movies about his favourite new scary movies.

The Sixth Sense.



The Village.

The Visit.




M. Night Shyamalan has made a very successful career out of scaring us silly and while not every single one of this movies have been massive successes - we're looking at you, The Happening - they're always definitely worth a watch, in case he does deliver yet another jaw-dropping scary movie (or, in the case of Servant, scary TV show).

And so it is with Old, his latest nail-biter, which is just about to have audiences across Ireland screaming into their popcorn.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Shyamalan in the run-up the movie's release, and you can check out that interview in full right here.


During our chat, we mentioned that there must be many scary movie writers and directors out there who look up to Shyamalan as an icon of the genre.

But are there any new arrivals in the world of scary movies, or particular horror directors, who caught his attention?

Shyamalan listed out some directors, and some films, and the reasons why these new genre filmmakers get him excited to work in the world of scary movies:


"Julia Ducournau, who did Raw. Robert Eggers' The Witch. Hereditary. The Babadook.

"You go down the line of all of those amazing voices and filmmakers that bring detail and dignity to the characters and the cinema, regardless of the fact that they're in this form of a ride.

"Very much, I look to them for inspiration and to remind me of new ways to think about the genre."

In case you're interested, we also chatted to two of the stars of Old - Alex Wolff (who you might know from Hereditary or the Jumanji reboot) and Thomasin McKenzie (from Leave No Trace and JoJo Rabbit) - and you can check out those interviews in full right here.

Old is released in Irish cinemas on Friday, 23 July.


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