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22nd Nov 2022

Matt Hancock ‘kills vibe’ on I’m A Celeb with “harrowing” teenage memory

Patrick McCarry

Matt Hancock

“Bloody hell, kill the vibe Matt!”

Matt Hancock revealed a sad and unsettling memory from his youth during the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

The standing MP and former Health Minister made the revelation during a discussion around the camp on whether or not the younger generation are molly-coddled.

During the chat, Boy George said: “My dad was a builder, owned his own firm. He was a gambler. He would take £10,000 and put it on a dog. Dad would say, ‘Don’t answer the door… the bailiffs, or the gas man was coming…’

Reacting to that elaborate telling by the pop star, Seann Walsh laughed and turned to Hancock, “Did you have the bailiffs round yours Matt?” Hancock’s reaction surprised a few present:

“When the business nearly went bust we nearly lost everything. You know when you type your postcode into the internet and it brings up your address? My step dad wrote that software. The business started in ‘88 and in the early 90s is when it nearly went bust.

“We were going to lose the house, both my step dad and mum were going to lose their jobs. That was pretty harrowing. I was about 14.”

“Bloody hell,” Walsh replied, “kill the vibe Matt!”

“Well,” Hancock countered, “you said have you ever had the bailiffs round!”

Boy George and ‘Banana-Gate’

There was a spot of food controversy in the camp, earlier in the day, as Boy George did not wait long for Sue Cleaver to be gone before he scoffed the banana she had left behind.

Returning to camp, Boy George ate the banana and, later, in the Bush Telegraph, confessed, “I had a banana last night and then obviously Sue left this morning and there was an extra one, so I took it and I ate it and I hid the skin in my pocket so I wouldn’t get caught!”

After camp-mates Jill Scott and Owen Warner noticed the banana discrepancy, the following exchange took place:

WARNER: You had one last night and one this morning?

BOY GEORGE: Mmm, I thought it was Sue’s.

WARNER: Without asking?

BOY GEORGE: Says the man who has had more food than anyone in this camp.

WARNER: Could have asked first, though.

Later, in the Bush Telegraph, Warner said, “So, last night the bananas we got for dessert we saved for breakfast this morning. There were nine. There’s one short. George confesses, he’s had Sue’s banana. Don’t steal food from me!”

Survival of the fittest, at this stage.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Monday at 9.15pm on Virgin Media.

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