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05th Oct 2023

QUIZ: Can you name all of these very tricky movie titles?

Rory Cashin

Movie Title Quiz

Movie fans should be getting 100% here.

Some movies have a tough time with their own movie title. Instead of using numbers as sequels or simply writing Part II or something easy like that, the sequels get VERY complicated when it comes to their name.

To that end, we’ve put together the following tricky movie title quiz, which is in fact five tricky movie title quizzes, based on the tricky movie title sequences belonging to five very famous movie franchises. Good luck!

Fast and Furious Movies
So we expect the full titles here, full of “The” and with the word “And” instead of “&”, as well as the proper official titles.

Daniel Craig as James Bond movies
Can you name all five of Craig’s outings as 007?

Indiana Jones movies
A little trickier… We want these five movies in the EXACT way the titles appear at the start of the movies…

Star Wars movies
Again, just the live action movies. To make it a little easier, no need to put Star Wars in each title here, though. Or the Episode Numbers. Just the titles.

Resident Evil movies
Just the live-action movies that starred Milla Jovovich, please. With the words Resident Evil in each title.

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