A tense psychological thriller is among the movies on TV tonight 1 week ago

A tense psychological thriller is among the movies on TV tonight

It stars two Oscar winners.

Looking for a good movie to watch tonight to defeat those Monday blues? Well, we've selected the best films airing on telly this evening for your perusal below.


Mad Max 2 - ITV4 - 9pm

This action classic is widely considered the best of the Mad Max original trilogy starring Mel Gibson.

The Expendables 3 - Sky Showcase - 9pm


With the release of The Expendables 4 (officially titled Expend4bles) this week, what better time to catch up with the last movie in the Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone-led action franchise.

Conan the Barbarian - Film4 - 9pm

The epic sword and sorcery classic that wound up being a breakthrough movie for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Before I Go to Sleep - TG4 - 9.30pm


Our pick for tonight is this 2014 mystery psychological thriller about a woman named Christine (Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, The Hours) who wakes up every day remembering nothing due to a traumatic accident in her past.

Living with her partner (Oscar winner Colin Firth, The King's Speech) and receiving treatment from a neuropsychologist (Mark Strong, Kingsman), one day new terrifying truths emerge which force Christine to question everyone around her.

Based on a bestselling novel by S.J. Watson, Before I Go to Sleep was not a box office hit and received mixed reviews upon release - with some critics comparing it unfavourably to Memento and stating that it relies too heavily on thriller tropes.

That said, the movie's great acting, its stylish direction and its suspenseful and twisty story make it worth a watch for those looking for a gripping thriller that does what it says on the tin and nothing more.


Along with airing on TV tonight, Before I Go to Sleep is available to rent on Apple TV, Google Play, the Sky Store and Rakuten TV.

Before I Go to Sleep trailer

The Thing - Legend - 10.45pm

Legendary filmmaker John Carpenter (The Fog, Halloween) directs this movie about a group of American researchers in Antarctica (including Kurt Russell) whose base is invaded by a shape-shifting and replicating alien force. It is widely considered one of the best horrors ever.


The Titan - HorrorXtra - 10.50pm

In contrast, this sci-fi thriller about a family in the near future who participates in an experiment into man's genetic evolution in space holds a low 20% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Robert the Bruce - AMC UK - 11pm

An unofficial sequel to Braveheart with Angus Macfadyen reprising his role as the Scottish king.

before i go to sleep

Nicole Kidman in Before I Go to Sleep - our pick for tonight

Death Wish - ITV4 - 11.05pm

A New York City architect (Charles Bronson) becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered in this '70s action-drama which became a touchstone for the sub-genre of revenge films.

Dark Waters - BBC Two - 11.15pm

After a farmer (Bill Camp) claims his land is being polluted by a giant chemical company, a lawyer (Mark Ruffalo) takes on the David vs Goliath-esque case.

Based on true events, Dark Waters is one of the best legal thrillers of recent years.

Salt - Film4 - 11.15pm

Angelina Jolie plays a CIA operative accused of being a agent for the KGB in this solid action thriller.

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