Hugh Jackman's beloved musical is among the movies on TV tonight 2 years ago

Hugh Jackman's beloved musical is among the movies on TV tonight

Can it really be the greatest show?

You're promising a lot there, pal.


We're not quite at the midweek point just yet, my friends.

There's a lot going on, though. People complaining about Garth Brooks possibly coming back to Ireland, a brand new train station about to be unveiled and Apple issuing an emergency software update, to name but three.

Maybe you're just here for the movies. That's fine, too.

Here's what is available to you on your television screen on Tuesday, 14 September...


The Greatest Showman – Film4 – 7pm

In our pick for tonight, Hugh Jackman leads the way in the blockbuster box office sensation – $435 million from an $84 million budget really is good business – that captivated audiences in 2017.

Jackman even toured the thing live. Maybe he really is the greatest showman.

Fire Down Below – TCM – 9pm


Steven Seagal battles toxic waste and bad guys in the Appalachian Mountains.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Film4 – 9pm

The fifth one and a significantly better film than Fire Down Below.

Ransom – ITV4 – 10pm


A deeply unpleasant yet extremely watchable '90s thriller in which Mel Gibson's son is kidnapped – leading him to scream "GIMME BACK MY SON!" about 11 times throughout the film.

Gary Sinise, Rene Russo and Delroy Lindo are among the supporting cast.

The Big Short – TCM – 11.15pm

A humorous and grim spin on the major financial crash of the late 2000s.

As director, Adam McKay mixes smugness with satire, allowing Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell and Brad Pitt to do their respective things. You'll either enjoy the gloss or feel very worried about the future.


Drag Me to Hell – Film4 – 11.40pm

We're not quite in horror season just yet but Sam Raimi's supernatural thrill-ride is perfectly acceptable viewing fare for the middle of September.

Tigerland – TCM – 1.55am

You're going to be asleep but maybe set the recorder for the army film that made Hollywood sit up and take notice of our very own Colin Farrell.