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06th Oct 2023

One of 2023’s most anticipated movies finally available to watch at home

Rory Cashin

Cocaine Bear

It is rather shockingly based on a true story.

Released in cinemas in February this year, Cocaine Bear immediately got everyone’s attention with that magnificent title. Loosely based on a true story, the movie takes place in a forest in the state of Georgia in America, but was almost entirely filmed in the Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow in Dublin.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect 2, Charlie’s Angles) and produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie), Cocaine Bear tells the story of a black bear that happens upon a huge stash of lost cocaine. Consuming it all, it quickly goes on a violent rampage in the neighbouring area, bringing destruction and death to anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in its warpath.

The very impressive cast includes Keri Russell (The Americans), O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Den of Thieves), Alden Ehrenreich (Fair Play), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (The Wire), Margo Martindale (Justified), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) and Ray Liotta (Goodfellas). JOE actually caught up with some of the cast prior to the movie’s release:

Cocaine Bear stars Alden Ehrenreich and O’Shea Jackson Jr. discuss their movie

Upon release in cinemas, the $35 million production made almost $90 million at the box office worldwide. And while the critics weren’t unanimous with their love for the movie, it did score 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, and those who did enjoy the movie were quite emphatic about it:

The Independent – “Cocaine Bear is a film worthy of its title, and perfectly constructed to feel like the kind of cult horror movie you’d find on a dusty VHS tape somewhere in a stoner’s basement. It’s bloody and grotesque, at times quite dark, but also surprisingly endearing.”

IGN – “It’s gory, fun as hell, packed with hilarious grotesque kills and over-the-top characters, and at 90-ish minutes, it’s paced near perfectly and never overstays its welcome or overdoses on the joke.”

The Wrap – “Cocaine Bear is a thrilling binge of adrenaline that you won’t regret in the morning.”

Cocaine Bear is available at home right now on Sky Cinema or with a NOW Cinema Membership.

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