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30th Jun 2024

Netflix adds edge-of-your-seat survival thriller that viewers can’t get enough of

Simon Kelly

Netflix additions: Beast

Anybody with a fear of big cats, look away now.

Netflix has made some great new additions this June and it’s continuing that trend as we approach a new month.

One of its new additions is a real edge-of-your-seat thriller from 2022 – Beast.

Since its addition to the streamer this week, the movie starring Idris Elba has already made it to #3 in Ireland’s most watched list and for good reason.

Terrifyingly based on a true story, Beast stars Elba as a widowed father who visits a South African game reserve with his two teenage daughters (Iyana Halley and Leah Jeffries) and reunites with his old biologist friend (Sharlto Copley), but must fight to survive when they are stalked by a ferocious man-killing lion.

Upon its release, Beast was a box-office bomb, however it received a lot of positive reviews and is a must-watch for fans of survival thrillers in the same vein as The Grey, Crawl and Open Water.

It will also strike fear into anyone who has a fear of being stalked by a big, bloodthirsty animal, which, by our measure, accounts for pretty much everybody watching.

Check out some of the positive reviews for the newest addition to Netflix down below

The Independent – “Audiences will turn up because a trailer promised to show them one of our most charismatic A-listers in a boxing match with a roided-out kitty cat… In that sense, it’s impossible to argue that Beast doesn’t live up to its promise.”

The Observer – “It’s partly this hint of emotional complexity, plus Elba’s robust redemption arc, from failed father to lion-punching saviour, that sets this picture a notch above the average creature attack flick.”

The Spectator – “Whether this was ever intended to be a serious film, I cannot say, but it’s fun in its schlocky, gory, silly way, doesn’t outstay its welcome and will satisfy anyone who has ever yearned to see Idris Elba wrestle a lion and then punch it full in the face.”

Empire Magazine – “An old-fashioned, B-movie creature-feature with some CG gloss. Beast is as predictable as anything but it’s a fun, silly, well-made film about a man punching a big cat.”

Vulture – “Yes, it’s all illogical and silly… But if everybody always acted correctly, we wouldn’t have movies like Beast, and that’d be no fun at all.”

From the reviews above, it’s clear to see that Beast knows exactly what it is – a very fun, 90-minute thrill ride that is full of action and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see Stringer Bell punch a lion in the face?

Beast is now available to watch on Netflix in the Ireland and the UK.

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