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20th Jul 2023

Netflix has just added 2023’s best hidden gem

Rory Cashin


We can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen this movie. We’d be surprised if you’ve even heard of it before now.

If you do decide to check out How To Blow Up A Pipeline, then we fully expect you to add it to your own personal Best Movies Of 2023 list come the year’s end. But we’d also not be surprised if you’d literally never heard of this movie before this moment.

From an unknown director, an unknown writer, and a cast of mostly unknown actors, How To Blow Up A Pipeline arrived in cinemas in late April, the movie made less than a million dollars at the worldwide box office.

Hopefully the movie is given a second lease of life on Netflix, where it will gather the audience it deserves. Based on a true story, it tells how a crew of environmental activists plotted a daring plan to disrupt an oil pipeline. So what we get is a pro-environment story that plays out like a nail-biting heist movie.

Upon release, the movie scored a whopping 94% with critics, with many outlets ranking the release as one of their highlights of the year so far.

Total Film – “The electric, forthright How to Blow Up a Pipeline excels as both truly riveting entertainment and an energizing call to action, in part through the cleverness of its genre conceit: what could be a better fit for a story about collective action and fighting the system than a heist movie?”

Polygon – “How to Blow Up a Pipeline is the rare movie that effectively weaponizes a radical political message by marrying it to conventional genre storytelling. It feels like a game-changer: the kind of movie that will inspire artists and budding activists alike for generations to come.”

Roger Ebert – “How to Blow Up a Pipeline is one of the most original American thrillers in years, and one that draws from a deep well of movie history as it develops its characters and sets up its plot twists.”

How To Blow Up A Pipeline is available to watch on Netflix right now.

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