Netflix has a new entry in its Top 10 most-watched shows of all time 10 months ago

Netflix has a new entry in its Top 10 most-watched shows of all time

If you haven't watched this show yet, chances are you're in the minority...

You can't say we didn't call it... because we did. You know we would never recommend anything unless we really, REALLY meant it, and obviously so, soooo many of you listened, because now The Night Agent is officially one of the top ten most-watched shows in the entire history of Netflix.


At the time of writing, the full top ten is below, although some reports suggest that since The Night Agent is still relatively early into its release window and the charts are based on the numbers of hours viewed within the first 28 days on the streamer, it could climb as high as No.5 in this list:

  1. Stranger Things: Season 4 - 1,352,090,000 hours watched
  2. Wednesday: Season 1 - 1,237,150,000
  3. DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story - 856,270,000
  4. Bridgerton: Season 2 - 656,260,000
  5. Bridgerton: Season 1 - 625,490,000
  6. Stranger Things: Season 3 - 582,100,000
  7. Lucifer: Season 5 - 569,480,000
  8. The Witcher: Season 1 - 541,010,000
  9. The Night Agent: Season 1 - 515,570,000
  10. Inventing Anna: Limited Series - 511,920,000

Now for a little qualifier, as Netflix itself divides the lists into English shows and Non-English shows, so if you were to combine the two lists, then The Night Agent would actually drop down to No.14, due to the likes of Squid Game: Season 1, which has 1,650,450,000 hours watched in its first 28 days, making it still the most-watched show overall in Netflix history.

Additionally, at its current number of hours watched, The Night Agent is overshadowed by Money Heist: Part 5 (792,230,000 hours watched), Money Heist: Part 4 (619,010,000 hours watched) and All of Us Are Dead: Season 1 (560,780,000 hours watched).


But with the new arrival of one of Netflix's best ever shows, and the imminent arrival of the Bridgerton prequel, as well as Squid Game: Season 2 on the horizon, who knows how long The Night Agent will be able to hold on to this top ten spot...

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