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15th Oct 2023

One Night in Millstreet has the potential to be Ireland’s biggest ever documentary

Rory Cashin

One Night in Millstreet

The documentary will get its Irish Gala Screening in November.

Among the impressive line-up for this year’s Cork International Film Festival, which includes the opening gala screening of Poor Things (a huge 2024 Oscar hopeful for Ireland) and the international gala screening of All Of Us Strangers (ditto), you will find One Night in Millstreet.

For Irish cinema-goers of a certain age, or big fans of a certain sport, this screening will be an absolute must-attend. As per the synopsis for the movie’s listing in the Cork Film Festival:

“The St. Patrick’s weekend of 1995 witnessed an extraordinary thing, a world championship boxing match deep in the countryside of County Cork.

One Night in Millstreet not only relives the titanic contest that took place in the Green Glens Arena, but also marks the trajectory of the two competitors. The preening, self-regarding, and mentally formidable Super Middleweight Champion, Chris Eubank, and the hungry challenger from Cabra, Steve Collins. Take a ringside seat to the giddy and hype-laden hoopla!”

Yep, the documentary will be doing a brilliantly entertaining deep dive on the infamous night in 1995. JOE caught a clip from the doc during the CIFF launch event, with Eubank merely describing a one-off encounter with Collins in the run-up to the fight… and that clip alone was funnier than most big budget comedies.

One Night in Millstreet will have its Irish Gala Screening at the Cork Film Festival at 8.30pm in The Everyman on Sunday 11 November, and the screening will be attended by the filmmakers and special guests. The movie should then get a wider national and potentially international release at a future date.

Tickets for this screening, as well as all of the other movies and events at this year’s CIFF, can be found right here.

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