WATCH: Trailer for Super Size Me 2 asks if fast-food has gotten healthier 4 months ago

WATCH: Trailer for Super Size Me 2 asks if fast-food has gotten healthier

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Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken is on the way.

A scene from The Inbetweeners perfectly summed up a lot of people's views on the Super Size Me documentary that was released in 2004.

When Simon says that if he had his way, all he would have at his birthday would be Big Macs, Will asks if he's seen the documentary. Simon replies: "Yeah. It just made me really want a Big Mac."

But even the hungriest among us can admit that Super Size Me changed the way we looked at fast food, at least for a while.

Eating strictly a diet of fast-food, Morgan Spurlock's weight balloons, his energy levels plummets and he experiences all sorts of unexpected side effects.

And he's back to do it all again!

The sequel first aired at a film festival way back in 2017, but it is being released to cinemas and on DVD for the first time in September of this year.

This time around, Spurlock investigates the world of "healthy" and "organic" fast food.

He opens his own chicken restaurant in an attempt to examine how the fast food industry markets "the most eaten animal on the planet."

"Are people actually ready for a 100% honest fast-food restaurant?" he asks.

Take a look at the trailer here:

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No Irish release date has been confirmed, but the movie is being released in America on 13 September.

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