WATCH: Trailer for new Sacha Baron Cohen spy series released 2 years ago

WATCH: Trailer for new Sacha Baron Cohen spy series released

Sacha Baron Cohen plays an undercover spy in Syria.

If you heard that an actor was starring in new Netflix series playing an undercover spy in Syria, you'd assume it was a drama.


But with Sacha Baron Cohen, we have to clarify that it's not his latest bizarre reality TV show.

That's right, the man behind Ali G and Borat has ditched comedy for the time being, and is now playing a secret agent agent who wants nothing more than to serve his country.

Acting as a spy in Syria, Cohen's character Eli Cohen (yes they have the same surname. It's confusing), does his job so well that he finds it hard to strip off his double identity.

The show also stars Noah Emmerich (The Americans), Hadar Ratzon Rotem (Homeland), and Waleed Zuaiter (Colony), and debuts on Netflix on 6 September.


Take a look at the trailer here:

Clip via Netflix

The Spy is written and directed by Emmy-winner Gideon Raff (Prisoners of War, Homeland and Tyrant).


Not what we've come to expect from Cohen, but he is clearly a man who has shown in the past that he is not afraid to get involved with any topic, so we're excited to see how this turns out.