There's a Game of Thrones festival in Ireland where you can actually fight the White Walkers with Jon Snow 3 years ago

There's a Game of Thrones festival in Ireland where you can actually fight the White Walkers with Jon Snow

It's set in the actual Winterfell location and you can meet the Direwolves too.

Throughout the history of Game of Thrones, we're told that "The North remembers" but fans of the show are in for an unforgettable experience because Ireland’s only Game of Thrones-themed festival will be taking place on September 16 in Castle Ward, County Down.


This being said, you might not make it out alive because the White Walkers are now south of The Wall and they're looking for new members to join the army of the dead.

Ok, they're not going to viscously attack you like that epic scene at Hardhome, but they might jump out and surprise a few GoT fans that are in attendance because this festival will feature a real-life scenario where the White Walkers are attacking the home of House Stark.

Winterfell Festival returns to Castle Ward, Down on Sunday 16 September and fans of the show are in for a treat.

Having gained global recognition as the actual filming location of Winterfell, the home of House Stark, Castle Ward is now the location for Ireland’s only Game of Thrones-themed festival.

Aside from dodging an attack from the White Walkers, fans will get to see live theatrical performances, jousting, falconry, archery, a medieval village and meet the actual direwolves from the show.

This year’s festival also has an interactive theme and story because guests will be immersed in a gripping plot that sees the residents of Winterfell living under a cloud of fear as the White Walker’s descend from The Wall - just like the show then!

Through various theatrical re-enactments, fans will experience a Winterfell where tensions are high as tales of ancient evil, once thought extinct, terrify the residents.


Throughout the day, actors will play the roles of central Game of Throne characters, recreating scenes from George R. R. Martin’s novels at various locations around the estate.

For example, you'll get to meet The Hound and learn how to wield a sword; see if you can various puzzles; watch Maester Luwin perform a medical demonstrations; hear King Robert regale tales of the Nights’ Watch and follow Jon Snow to Castle Black, avoiding White Walkers as you go.

FYI, we're fairly certain that Kit Harington won't actually be there to lead your group into The Long Night against the army of the dead, but such is the love that we have for that character, we'd happily follow a Jon Snow impersonator into a war against The Night King.

Full contact jousting, sword fighting and falconry will add to the atmosphere, creating a memorable event.

Aside from this, visitors also have the chance to meet Armourer Boyd Rankin (Mikken in Game of Thrones) who will be showcasing a selection of the swords he forged for the show.


Tickets for Winterfell 2018 are now on sale with various categories available - £25 adult, children £10 (5-16), under 5s free. Family ticket £65 (2 adults and 2 children).

Winter is here.